AUGUST 26, 27, 28, 2008 PLYMOUTH , MA .

MARCH 2008

1. The 551st AEW & C WING Reunion has been scheduled for August 2008. We will meet at the Radisson Plymouth Harbor Hotel at Plymouth , MA . The Reunion WEB PAGE is : <http://www.dean-boys.com/551aew/551reunion.htm>

  2. We are requesting that you get your Reunion Registration in ASAP so that we can plan properly........It is important that you get your Hotel Registrations in ASAP. Do not get blocked out and have to stay at another Hotel. This Reunion is scheduled at peak tourist season and mid-week. If you are planning to arrive earlier or staying later then the scheduled 3 days you may reserve the days at the Reunion rates. This rate is restricted for Monday to Friday. There were 385 members in attendance at the 2006 Reunion . Some of our members had to stay at other Hotels because they did not register early enough.

  3. All memorabilia items are available and in stock. See the listing of the items in this newsletter and on the 2008 Reunion web page.  Order all items from Floyd I Shank and make the checks payable to Reunion II.

3A. NEW HATS…… Hat is Black with the EC 121 H “Connie” Embroidered on the front in1965 colors.  The words over top of the “Connie” are “551st AEW & C Wing” embroidered in white. The Hats will be $16.00 plus $3.00 S&H…

  4. The December Issue of the American Legion Magazine has a write up on the 50 Fallen Stars and the Mission of the 551st AEW&C Wing. The January issue has 2 Letters to the Editor reference the December article.


  6. The Memorial Service planning is in process. Jim Collins will have more on this later.

  7. We are currently working on a tour of the 6th Space Warning Sq. (Pave Paws) located on the Mass Military Reservation. There will be more on this later.

  8. We have made arrangements to have Price Perfect Photos at the Reunion to take Group and Candid pictures. All Photos will be printed and delivered at the end of the Dinner Program. They will also do a 10-15 MIN DVD set to music. Prices will be very affordable.

  9. HOSPITALITY ROOM- Dean Boys will be in charge of the Hospitality Room. Refreshments and Beverages will be available.

  10. DOOR PRIZES: We will be doing a drawing of 2 Dinner Registration #s for door prizes. The door prize will be a rebate of your Reunion Dinner Registration, less any donations. The cut off for the drawing will be at and including the 100th Registration or April 30, 2008 . Which ever one comes first. Two lucky registrants will be attending Free. Thanks for the early sign ups.

  11. Dinner Dress will be Jacket and Tie.

  12. We will do the Name tags as we have in the past. If not registered in time for the Manufactured Name Tag you will have to make due with the “Hello My Name Is” Tag.

  13. The Memorial Wreath Drop is scheduled for 8:30 AM , Thursday Aug 28, 2008 . There will be a short Memorial Service at the C-45 Hanger, at the Plymouth Airport . Following the Service the Flight will take off for Nantucket . The Wreath to commemorate the 50 Fallen Stars will be dropped off the shores of Nantucket .

  14. Notify me of any email or USPS changes.

  15. A brick honoring the 551st AEW&C WING has been donated by the 551st AEW&C Wing Reunion and will be placed in The McClellan Memorial Plaza “Walk of Honor” Aerospace Museum of California, McClellan, California.  The “ Brick “ reads 551st AEW&C WG, Otis AFB MA, 1954-1969. The wording is centered on each line.


Floyd and Jim