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TEXAS TOWER #2 - Was located approximately 125 miles east of Chatham, Massachusetts in the Atlantic Ocean and stood about 65 feet from the sea surface, and 150 feet from the ocean floor.  The tower’s mission was to provide radar coverage and was assigned to the 4604th Support Squadron (TT), at Otis Air Force Base, Massachusetts. [USAF photograph provided courtesy of Jesse E. Pruden]


These offshore radar installations which resembled offshore oil rigs were operated by the Air Force.  In January 1961, Texas Tower #4 collapsed resulting in fourteen airmen and fourteen civilian workers being killed.  Only two bodies were recovered.  Texas Towers #2 and #3 were decommissioned shortly afterwards.  Tower #1 never was built.  The towers were located in the Atlantic Ocean some distance from shore to extend the radar coverage of the east cost seaward.  The towers rose 65 feet above the sea and were serviced by helicopter and boat.  The personnel on the towers were assigned to Otis Air Force Base, Massachusetts.


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