Crew A-1

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This is Aircrew A-1, 960th AEW&C Sq, taken 1956 at Otis AFB, Ma. 

Flight Crew is standing, and Radar Crew is kneeling.  Major Krynovich ( upper left ) was the Flight and Aircraft Commander.  To the right  of him is CP, Lt. Lynch. .N ( unknown ) N (  unknown ) FE, TSgt Grissom.  RO, A2C Hawkins.   RO, TSgt Clark.  RO/ECM, A1C Henchel.  Only names of Radar Crew that come to mind are A1C DeCarlo ( 4th from left ) and A2C Bassett 8th from left ).  I'm Msgt Eddie B. Hawkins (retired), this was my crew from 1955-1959.  In 1958 we flew the longest mission ever recorded in   RC121 equipped with H props.  If my memory serves me right, it was 18 hours and 15 minutes.  We were covering station #2, the east coast was sogged in so we tried to recover at Kindly AFB, Bermuda.  About an hour out we called in for a landing forecast and discovered the field was closed because of a tropical storm.  We then headed west and found Charleston AFB, SC. was our closest point to recover.  Made a straight in approach and landed,  all crew members with survival equipment on and ready for ditching.  No fuel was detected in the tanks with the dip stick.  Thanks to the Engineer and Navigator we made it back.   Those engines were leaned out to the limit and the Navigator kept us right on   track.  This crew rode out two hurricanes, and took a lightning strike that left a hole as big as a basketball.  Not to mention many other close calls.

                                                                           Eddie Hawkins