Circa early 1960s

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Pictures and information provided by
Roger Mundy
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k1air1.jpg (44782 bytes) Picture #1 is of the Mars radio sign at the base hospital. Don skinner is kneeling by the sign, and I don't know who's car that is.
k1air2.jpg (48436 bytes) Picture #2 is of me (Roger Mundy) standing in front of the barracks we were in which was located next to the 551st Air Base Squadron on inner road.
k1air3.jpg (47157 bytes) Picture #3 is Don Skinner on the fire ladder located at our barracks.
k1air4.jpg (50889 bytes) Picture #4 is of Airman Glenn Browning who was the chief operator of the Mars radio station when we got there. He is standing next to our van and behind him is part of the hospital area and the Mars radio station.
k1air5.jpg (47041 bytes) Picture #5 is of an old F86 (I think) which was located over near the base exchange.
k1air6.jpg (41429 bytes) Picture #6 is me standing next to my car outside the barracks. Actually the car belonged to Airman Vinney Deluca who's dad was a big executive for Seagrams.
k1air7.jpg (32665 bytes) Picture #7 is a picture of our antenna system. They were wires running from pole to pole. We took this picture from the roof of an ajacent building in the hospital area. The Mars radio station is in the building you see.
k1air8.jpg (40351 bytes) Picture #8 is the famous Capemobile. Vinney traded his Cadillac for the weekend with another airman so he could drive this car around. It says "Come into my web" on the front of the car. Behind the car to the left is the old 551 Air Base Squadron sign, and the building directly behind the car in the distance was the credit union.
k1air9.jpg (45505 bytes) Picture #9 is of (left to right) Vernon Taylor, Mike Scanlon, and myself sitting outside our barracks telling lies. Vernon did not work with us, but Mike was another radio operator at the Mars station with Don, Doug, and I.
k1air10.jpg (39519 bytes) Picture #10 is of Don Skinner outside of our radio station with his pride and joy Dodge. He totalled the car shortly after I shipped out in 1965.
k1air11.jpg (44604 bytes) Picture #11 is a side view of the famous Capemobile outside our barracks. I don't know what those buildings in the background were used for, but the parking lot was Across the street to the left.  (Pic. 11 in the back ground were mess halls from WWII, each row of 5 barracks across the street and had their own mess hall.  All food was cooked on coal stoves.) Info from Jay Sands
k1air12.jpg (51820 bytes) Picture #12 is Don sitting on Airman Bob Bergeron's car outside the Mars radio station. Notice the old WW II ambulance in the background which was parked outside of the emergency entrance to the hospital. Bergeron was another radio operator at the station who was never around. This is where President Kennedy drove up in his limo to visit Jackie who had lost the baby the day before.
k1air13.jpg (44898 bytes) Picture #13 is of me and Don Skinner located at my girlfriends place in Buzzards Bay. I married that girl and have been with her 34 years now.
k1air14.jpg (32697 bytes) Picture #14 is of me at the controls of AG1BT which was our military call sign. I am Using an old Collins KWS1 transmitter and receiver and talking with Westover AFB up in Springfield Mass. This picture was taken inside the Mars Radio Station. We had another room which had a BC610 transmitter and SP600 receiver which we used to communicate with the Pentagon. We also used the call "K1AIR" when we passed traffic to civilian mars operators.
k1air15.jpg (32788 bytes) Picture #15 is me inside my room at the barracks writing letters.
k1air16.jpg (33223 bytes) Picture #16 is me standing next to our communications van outside the mars radio station.
k1air17.jpg (31956 bytes) Picture #17 is me sitting in Don Skinners room at the barracks.
k1air18.jpg (33238 bytes) Picture #18 is the 2 foot snowstorm we had. I don't know what that building was in the background but it gives you an idea of how much snow we had.
k1air19.jpg (28013 bytes) Picture #19 is me sitting in Don Skinners room.


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